Valle del Santuario

valle del santuario view.jpg

San Ignacio, Peru

Counter Culture Direct Trade Certified • Certified Organic • Shade-Grown

A sweet, syrupy mouthfeel complements this coffee’s rich notes of vanilla, fig, chocolate, and spice. Direct from our farmer partners in San Ignacio, this is one of the finest coffees ever cultivated in Peru.
Counter Culture Founder and Director of Coffee Peter Giuliano writes:
The coffees of Valle del Santuario are extraordinarily crafted Peruvian coffees. The high altitude creates coffees of incredible clarity and flavor, and the heirloom Typica variety grown in this region produces sweet, complex, cherry-almond scented, and chocolate-like coffees. These farmers have done extraordinary work, and the resulting coffee is extraordinary, too. We know you will love it. It’s an incredible development in Northern Peruvian coffee, and it will change the way you think about coffee from this region. Exciting indeed.