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Counter Culture Coffee is here! (ssssip...ahhh!)

That's right, we've switched over to Counter Culture Coffee, selected and roasted in Durham, NC.

I'm reading a book about coffee and I'm finding there's a lot to learn. But it's fun. Just like learning about wine, there's geography and geology, botany and chemistry. And, just like wine, it all results in a tasty beverage with pleasant psychoactive qualities. We like Counter Culture because, as they say on their website, they're "Coffee Driven."
We also serve Counter Culture in our Back Bay Cafe.
See what featured coffees are available below.

What's the Deal with Coffee Prices?

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Coffee is much in the news these days. Or, should I say, the business of coffee is much in the business news these days. Last week's Sunday NY Times Business Section featured an article on Starbucks' founder and CEO and how he is bringing the company back to its core produce - coffee. Not fancy, pumped-up fruit-flavored drinks, but coffee, a bean grown on bushes under shade trees in tropical climates.

Counter Culture Kenya Single Lot (Thriku-Nyeri)

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Single lot from Nairobi's weekly coffee auction

Kenya coffees are known as some of the best, most intense coffees in the world.

Kenya has a unique place in the coffee world. Its coffee history is like no other, and coffee is traded in Kenya very differently than in any other country. Similarly, there is no mistaking great Kenyan coffee in the cup. The unique characteristics of a fine Kenya are so idiosyncratic that coffee cognoscenti can identify one the moment it is ground.


Shakisso Natural Sundried


Sidamo, Ethiopia Certified Organic • Shade-Grown

Lovingly hand picked and sun dried by the skilled farmers of Shakisso, this intensely flavorful natural-process coffee shines with bright notes of ripe berries above luscious chocolate undertones. Just as with our washed-process lot from Shakisso, this natural sundried coffee is made up of both cultivated and wild coffee varieties, resulting in a remarkably complex cup bearing the attributes of each.




Waghi Valley, Papua New Guinea

With its profound, beautifully rich body and sweet notes of dark chocolate, cherry, and vanilla, this impressive lot from Counter Culture's partners in Papua New Guinea is one of the most exciting coffee discoveries of the year.
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