Bell's Oberon Ale


Our Summertime Favorite

Bell's Brewery began as the Kalamazoo Brewing Company in 1983, where founder Larry Bell sold home brewing equipment. Of course, Larry also brewed great craft beer. He sold his first beer in 1985 and lays claim to being the oldest craft brewery east of Boulder Colorado.

The Oberon Ale is a pale American wheat brew that's light brown in color and has a dry hoppiness that's lip-smackingly refreshing. From the sunny face on the bottle to the aroma like a summer hayfield, Oberon just says "summertime." If you think you only like yellow beer, stop by at Wine & Words...& Gourmet and pick up a six-pack, or come by The Back Bay Cafe and let me pour you a glass of liquid summer. It could become your favorite summertime thirst quencher.