Belhaven Brewery - Est. 1719

Belhaven Scottish

No, these fine brews aren't made here in downeast Carolina Belhaven. They're made in Dunbar, they have been since monks started the tradition in the 12th Century.

Most people start with Belhaven Scottish Ale, their flagship brew. It's a mid-weight, creamy ale that goes down real easy with food. We serve it in the classic British pint (.5 L) or the Yankee 12 oz. bottles.

We also usually have:

* Belhaven St. Andrews Ale - A tribute to the birthplace of golf, this ale is darker than the Scottish, with a malty sweetness that's sure to please.

* Belhaven Wee Heavy - This one is 6.5% alcohol with a smoky, peaty flavor like a good single malt Scotch. Excellent with burgers from the grill!