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French Wines I: Loire, Bordeaux, Alsace, Savoie

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There’s something about French wine. It’s not just the confusing and arcane labelling laws or the marginally pronounceable (to American English speakers) names. No, it’s also that the French are just darn good winemakers.

Wines of Spain II:Southern and Mediterranean


We continue our tour of Spanish wine regions in the autonomous community of Catalunya. That’s the way the Catalans name what they think of as their native country, though you might be more familiar with the English designation “Catalonia.” The Catalan capital is the city of Barcelona, where all the street and other official signs are in both Castellano (“Spanish") and Catalan.

New Wines from the Austral Zones

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As I’ve mentioned before, I get the opportunity to try a lot of different wines and evaluate them for inclusion in our Wine & Words list. Sometimes they fit into some theme that draws them together. This time the only things these new wines have in common is that they are distributed by Winesellers, Ltd. (a rep from Baltimore showed us the wines) and they’re from the Southern Hemisphere, where wine grapes are harvested in March and April.

Wines for Seafood

monte antico spirit of tuscany

The gifts of the sea are just now starting to come in down here in coastal Carolina, so I figured we'd offer a selection of wines that will pair very well with anything that swims, whether finned or shelled.
Cabriz Colheita Seleccionada 2009 (Dão, Portugal) Everyday low price $10.95

Two Chards, Two Zins

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I'm always getting into trouble for being too straightforwardly outspoken. I did it again the other night at Back Bay Cafe. The lady said she wanted "a glass of Chardonnay," a vague descriptor that usually says "I like a not-too-dry white wine...but Chardonnay is the only one I know." So I asked her what kind of Chardonnay she usually drinks. She replied, "Well, I usually drink Kendall-Jackson." That's when I put my foot in it.

Four for Four

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Often it's hit or miss when one of our wine distributors brings us wine to taste. The wines they bring could be end of stock items they want to unload (which I'm never interested in, unless they're offering a really good price). Or the wines they bring are what they happened to have with them on their way to another tasting or wine dinner. Distributor reps usually bring 6 or 8 wines. Sometimes I'll like 1 or 2; sometimes they just don't fit in any of our open slots for country of origin, style or price point. Often I politely decline all that's offered.

Let the Summertime Good Times Roll

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This week we're introducing a couple of primo wines for summer, as well as bringing back the Sangria Classico that quenched our thirsts so well last summer. And...we're cutting you in on an extraordinary deal in summer Chardonnay.

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