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Wines Tasted in Spain 2008 - II Utiel-Requena

Utiel-Requena DO We visited this region, on the high elevation meseta just on the edge of Castilla-La Mancha. We drove between mountains from Xativa, west then north, into an area of extensive vineyards but left behind the fruit orchards, the olive trees, the cactus and rosemary of the Mediterranean climate. The temperature is Xativa was 15° C., while up in Utiel it never got above 8°, with a heavy, depressing cloud cover. We parked in front of a little workman’s café by the train station, got a quick café con leche, then went to check out the Museu de Vinos, located in an old bodega (winery).

Wines Tasted in Spain 2008 - I

James & Yvonne Somewhere in Spain (drinking wine)

…being some notes on our wine experiences during our vacation in January.

Upon our arrival at the rented house just outside of Xativa, the owners had left us a bottle of “one of the local wines.” It was Baron de Turis Tinto Garnacha 2006 with a Valencia DO. It was a nice thought, but the wine was rather thin and uninteresting. Turns out we saw it at the local Mercadona for less than €2! Cheap plonk, indeed.

A Trip to Fontanars dels Alforins

Canela y Clavo Restaurant in Xativa, Spain

We had been trying for several days to get El Bodegero (based on “the one who operates the bodega” – my translation of “Wine Guy”) to help us set up a visit in one of the local wineries.He had given me a phone number to call in Moixent, but I demurred, my phone Spanish not having the benefit of gestures, facial expression and written notes. We passed a big winery on the outskirts of Moixent and saw signs for others, but that was the day we had company with us, and we limited our visit to the Iberian village at Les Arcusses.

Featured Wines — February 2008

Words On Wine

Extraordinary Values

As I write the new volume number on this latest edition of Words on Wine I am struck by the fact that we are going into the seventh year of this endeavor. My, how time flies when you’re having fun.

Dollar sign


Featured Wines — November 2007

Words On Wine

Wines for Holiday Feasts

November tells us that The Holidays are upon us. That means we’re going to be planning special meals for many occasions. Whether it’s a quiet Christmas Eve dinner for two or a groaning board family Thanksgiving feast, nothing makes a meal more special than a great bottle of wine. This month we’ve selected Featured wines that pair particularly well with a wide variety of foods. So raise a glass, give thanks…and save us a drumstick.

Holiday Wine


Featured Wines - June 2007

Words On Wine

"Wines of Summer"

We're into the official good times of summer, the season of lighter foods and the wines that go with them. Since our theme next month will be "All-American" we’ve stayed away from the usual domestic summertime favorites and have chosen instead to introduce you to some summer wines from around the world.

Sol Man #2

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