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Another Fine Tempranillo Bargain

Mano a Mano Tempranillo

Mano a Mano Tempranillo (Castilla La Mancha, Spain) - Everyday low price $12.50
I’ve written about Spanish Tempranillo wines before. In March of 2009 I wrote:

Four Fab Finds for Feb

These new introductions not only fit into our current and ever-popular "$12 and Under" section...they would fit into our "$10 and Under" section of yesteryear.  That's right; every one of this week's Featured Wines is less than 10 bucks.

French you can afford


Everyone knows France makes a lot of great wine, but everyone also seems to know that French wine is difficult to understand, as well as being way too expensive for the average wine drinker. Well all that’s changing. There’s still a market among collectors (many of them newly rich Chinese business tycoons) for the arcane “cellar selections,” but the rest of the French wine world wants to sell its bottles to the rest of the wine drinking world. So we’re getting well-made wines with understandable labels and very attractive prices.

Wines for Holiday Feasts 2010

Holiday Wine

It’s only a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving and then we experience the rush toward Chanukah and Christmas. This is a season of tradition...religious tradition, family tradition, national tradition. There are special worship services, annual family gatherings, national proclamations. And it’s a season of gift giving, a time when we think about those we love, as well as remembering our neighbors, friends, teachers, the mailman.

Castle Rock Wines and California's Little Secret


It’s not really a secret. There have been articles in the wine press about it. But it’s something California premium wine makers, marketing their products as exclusive and having limited availability, don’t want you to know about - there’s way too much wine made in California to support the elitist prices the better labels want to charge. I’m not talking about the mass-produced, mass-marketed labels that fill the grocery store shelves and the glossy magazines.

Sometimes it's Good to Have the Blues


...blue cheese, that is. Don’t be scared! Tangy, salty, pungent blue cheese is not everyone’s taste, I know. But in order to stimulate some blue sales (and turn you on to something mighty tasty), we’ve decided to Feature some of the blues we have in stock, offering samples, recipes, wine pairings...and a 20% discount from the regular sale price.

Some "Best Buys" in Wine

wine enthusiast logo.gif

I am by no means a slavish adherent to the scores given to wines by the big-name wine tasters - Robert Parker of The Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator magazine, Steven Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar and Wine Enthusiast magazine. Sometimes I disagree with their assessments and I have the audacity, amateur that I am, of having my own opinion. I also don’t trust that wineries with big advertising budgets for the slick publications like Wine Spectator don’t get a better deal in the tastings.

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