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I had only been in the wine business for about a year, but I had tired of my very unsatisfactory dealings with the person who was repping Grape Expectations to our under served neighborhood.  I called the owner of Grape Expectations and asked her if I could deal with GE direct and come to Wilson to pick up the wine myself.  She said that would be fine and because she didn't have anyone else who was selling her list in my area, I could deal directly with her Sales Manager, Tim Turner.  Tim and I hit it off from our first meeting, and I soon scheduled my trips to Wilson to happ

Goats & Brothers

The international wine market is complex and competitive. No longer is it sufficient to have your wines come from some classically well-known, snooty wine region. US wine drinkers, who have access to thousands of wines from all over the world, are looking for well-made wines, with an interesting back story, at a fair price. Two of my favorites that I've been able to bring to our Wine & Words family's attention are the Goats Do Roam line of South African wines from Fairview's Charles Back and the delightful range of wines from the Bordelais brothers Lurton.

Valle del Santuario

valle del santuario view.jpg

San Ignacio, Peru

Counter Culture Direct Trade Certified • Certified Organic • Shade-Grown

A sweet, syrupy mouthfeel complements this coffee’s rich notes of vanilla, fig, chocolate, and spice. Direct from our farmer partners in San Ignacio, this is one of the finest coffees ever cultivated in Peru.
Counter Culture Founder and Director of Coffee Peter Giuliano writes:

Mom Ago and Far Away

Mom, Dad, Jimmie & Karen - 1950Mom, Dad, Jimmie & Karen - 1950I've been working on a family project that took me into the boxes of old pictures. This one stopped me in my tracks for a long, reflective view. It was taken in the summer of 1950 on the swing behind my grandparents' house in Niles, Ohio.

Bell's Oberon Ale


Our Summertime Favorite

Bell's Brewery began as the Kalamazoo Brewing Company in 1983, where founder Larry Bell sold home brewing equipment. Of course, Larry also brewed great craft beer. He sold his first beer in 1985 and lays claim to being the oldest craft brewery east of Boulder Colorado.

Lucky Seven Years

We have a dollar bill taped to the old cash register where we keep our bills and coins at Wine & Words (The Original) in Belhaven. Written on it in pencil is "4/24/2002." It was the day Yvonne and I opened our doors for business and received that dollar bill as part of a cash payment on a piece of cheese and a box of crackers. That was 7 years ago Friday. We had no idea what we were getting into.

Here's how the store looked then.

Broadbent Vinho Verde

Everyday low price $9.95.

We've had this Broadbent Vinho Verde before. Well, not this one actually. This is a wine that's made fresh every year and intended to be drunk young and "green." It's deliciously light, with a bit of a "spritz" that makes it even more refreshing. And at only 9% alcohol, you can drink as much as you want.

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