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A Sheaf of Special Purchases

From time to time our suppliers have inventory clearance sales.  When they do, we pass the savings along to our customers.  Herein a list of five new wines that I've gotten in to both stores and am offering at "Special Purchase Prices."  These are great additions to our list...and great deals for our customers.

Cape Classics and Frenzy


 We were fortunate last week to have a visit from Zingo Munger, Southeastern Sales Manager for Cape Classics, an importer and distributor of fine South African wines. As Zingo poured samples for Mary and me at the Washington store, he regaled us with tales of the burgeoning South African wine industry. South Africa has a winemaking history dating back to the 16th Century, but in recent times it all fell apart as the world boycotted South African products over their apartheid policies.

King Estate

king estates banner.jpg

King Estate 2007 Signature Pinot Gris
King Estate is located southwest of Eugene, Oregon near the town of Lorane. The 1,033-acre certified organic estate (including 465 acres of organic vineyards, as well as 30 acres of fruits, vegetables, and flowers) provides a spectacular mountain vineyard site with elevations ranging from 800 to 1,100 feet and cool, prevailing northwest winds that moderate vineyard temperatures.

"Embrace your inner pyrate"

clipper city logo.gif

Clipper City Brewery in Baltimore, MD says, "Why be normal when you can be EXTRAARGHdinary?"  Since we've never claimed to be "normal" here at Wine & Words, we're pleased to introduce to brews from Clipper City's "Heavy Seas" portfolio.  These are bold and a little reckless, for the beer drinker who's not afraid of flavor.

New Italians


A couple of new Italian reds from our friends at The Country Vintner:
Ciacci Piccolomini d'Aragona Rosso Toscana IGT


Bonterra Wines

Bonterra "The Good Earth"

Organic Goodness from Mendocino, California

They're back. We're restocking some of the organic wines of Bonterra Vineyards.
Bonterra, which means "good earth," is committed to practices that support the biodiversity of the land and raise outstanding wine grapes without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides.  A few of the practices they use are:

Chillin' with Wine


It's hot out there! I just don't feel like drinking a warm glass of my favorite red wine. I want something chillin'. Well, here are my Wine Guy tips for Chillin' with Wine.
Cool Reds

Reds, Whites & the Blues

American Flags Crossed (269px)

Every year at 4th of July I grow patriotic.  I re-read the heroic battles of our American Revolution (my favorite account is Rebels and Redcoats by George F. Scheer and Hugh F. Rankin) and peruse my much-worn copy of the Federalist papers.  Here at Wine & Words/The Back Bay Cafe we fly both the Stars & Stripes and the Union Jack in tribute to Chef Yvonne's Englishness and in celebration of what we call "English-American Friendship Week."  Customers ask Yvonne if they (the Brits) are still mad at us.

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