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Early Sale and Newbies in Time for the Season


This week I’m receiving my first delivery of some Holiday Pre-Sale items, and I’m passing the savings on to you. That’s right, it’s time to think about the wonderful wines you’ll be serving at your feasts and parties or gifting to your loved ones. We’ll start with two that are old standbys for feasts and fiestas:

Saint Hilaire Brut (Limoux, France) Regular Price $17.85/ Feature Price $15.17

Moving right along...

Cavicchioli 1928.jpg

There's no real theme for this week's Featured Wines, except that we're moving into the late summer/early autumn season here and leaning toward wines that go with hearty feasts and longer nights.

Cavicchioli Sparkling Wine (Modena, Italy) Regular Price $15.55/ Feature Price $13.22

Odds 'n Ends - And Great New Spanish Reds

I’m calling this Featured Tasting “Odds ‘n Ends” because there’s no unifying theme...just great wines at great prices that I want you to try. My real purpose this week is to introduce the new reds...so read on.

Venturini Baldini Reggiano Lambrusco Rosso Amabile (Reggio, Italy) Regular Price $12.20/ Feature Price $10.37

New...& sort of New

Fontanavecchia Taburno Falanghina del Sanno (Campania, Italy) Regular Price $15.95/ Feature Price $13.56

We start with one that’s “sort of new.” We Featured it at the beginning of the summer, because of its incredible mineral crispness. It’s time to do it again, because a wine like this is great anytime...but also because I’m bringing back its “sort of new” red sibling of Aglianico (see below), and they should really be bookends.

Wine Guy Proud Grampa

If you followed the link to this page, it means that you don't mind boastful pictures of newborn family members. The pictures follow my boast: she's beautiful, perfect, and probably smart. I'm her Grampa and proud of it. Welcome, Sophie, to the family!
Newborn SophieNewborn Sophie
Sophie with Chef YvonneSophie with Chef Yvonne
Three GenerationsThree Generations

New because I can't help it

Last week I wrote that the acknowledged “sweet spot” for the price of excellent and interesting wines is $15-$25. And I pointed out that we have 40 wines in our “$12 and Under” section. Then I went on to say that I’ve been introducing too many new wines and that my weekly Features would now be reviews of old favorites. Uh...that was then; this is now.

New & Special from France

Kermit Lynch Wine Seller

Every once in awhile, I get email announcements of special warehouse clearance sales from my various wine distributors. This week I offer some classic French wines from wine negociant Kermit Lynch. There are only a few bottles of each, but if these are your style, you’ll know these are great prices...and you won’t want to miss out.
Dupeuble Beaujolais 2010 (Beaujolais, France) - $18.25

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