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Featured Wines — November 2008

Words On Wine

“Wines for Holiday Feasts”

‘Tis the season for feasting. Whether it’s the traditional Thanksgiving dinner or a commemoration of one of the many other holidays that grace this time of year, we like to celebrate with special meals. And nothing goes with special meals (aside from special people) like brilliant wines. All wine is made to go with food, but the selections we’re featuring this month are wines that add a shimmer and a sparkle and an “Aahh!” to times of good foods and good friends.

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Featured Wines — July 2008

Words On Wine

"All American"

"In July, the month we celebrate Independence and all things American, I wanted to give a tour of a number of off-beat and little known American wine regions. The problem is that it’s just way hard to get those wines down to our stores. So, with the exception of the fine sparkling Brut from New Mexico’s Gruet family, I’ve had to settle for the well-known winemaking areas of California and the Pacific Northwest. Because of the cooler climate, most of the white wines come from Oregon and Washington, while the reds hail from the well-known California appellations. Still, these are excellent wines and will make a fine addition to your celebration of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

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Featured Wines — March 2008

Words On Wine

"What's New"

Spring is a time for newness and freshness. So I've decided to offer as Featured Wines a selection of the new, the fresh, and the beautiful.

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Featured Wines — February 2008

Words On Wine

Extraordinary Values

As I write the new volume number on this latest edition of Words on Wine I am struck by the fact that we are going into the seventh year of this endeavor. My, how time flies when you’re having fun.

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