New & Special from France

Kermit Lynch Wine Seller

Every once in awhile, I get email announcements of special warehouse clearance sales from my various wine distributors. This week I offer some classic French wines from wine negociant Kermit Lynch. There are only a few bottles of each, but if these are your style, you’ll know these are great prices...and you won’t want to miss out.
Dupeuble Beaujolais 2010 (Beaujolais, France) - $18.25
Damien DupeubleDamien DupeubleThe Domaine Dupeuble has been running almost continuously since 1512. Today Damien Dupeuble manages the domaine along with his wife, brothers, sons, and daughter. Tradition runs deep in the family, but each generation has also managed to add something new, including increasing the property. Today it is comprised of 100 hectares (247 acres), about forty percent of which is consecrated to vineyards. Strong advocates of the lutte raisonnée (“reasoned struggle”) approach to vineyard work, they tend their vines without the use of any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. The Gamay grapes (from 50-100 year old vines) are harvested manually, and the wines are not chaptalized (sweetened), filtered, or degassed and only natural yeasts are used for the fermentation.
The wines of Dupeuble represent some of the best values in the Beaujolais today and are widely regarded for their very high quality and eminently reasonable price. - Kermit Lynch
Régis Bouvier Marsannay Rosé 10/11 (Côtes de Nuit, Burgundy, France)- $27.40
Marsannay is the only village-level appellation which may produce rosé wines under the designation “Marsannay rosé.” All other Burgundy rosés are restricted to the regional appellation Bourgogne. This is 100% Pinot Noir, done in the traditional saignée method, whereby the red skins of the grapes are left to “bleed” into the pressed juice. The fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks to preserve the freshness of the fruit, then a second (malolactic) fermentation is done to add depth and richness.
Bouvier makes the best Burgundian rosé that we have ever tasted - Kermit Lynch