Gruet chosen "USA Producer of the Year"


Every year since its inception in 1969 the International Wine & Spirits Competition has subjected wines from around the world to rigourous chemical analysis and tasting by some of the world's wine experts. In 2010, the judges selected Gruet Winery as its "USA Producer of the Year."

We've carried the Gruet family wines for a number of years at Wine & Words. I like to tell the story of the family from Champagne who found a vineyard for sale in the unlikely region of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They started growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes there, hauled winemaking equipment over from their native Champagne, and made sparkling wine in the bottle just the way they did it in the Old Country.

And I agree with Wine Spectator Magazine's Matt Kramer, who has written: “If there’s a better sparkling wine made in America – or anywhere else, for that matter – that delivers this kind of quality at that low a price, I haven’t tasted it.” I'll drink to that.

So when you're looking for bubbles this holiday season, don't forget that we have a range of sparkly libations, one of which will surely fill the bill...and one of which is from the "USA Wine Producer of the Year."