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Edmond Fallot Mustards

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The Fallot family has been making traditional French mustard in Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy, since 1840. Today they still adhere to the techniques of the old craftsmen mustard makers and use stone mills to grind the grains, thus preserving all of the gustatory qualities of the mustard.

The mustards are made by mixing together one third black (Brassica Nigra) or brown (Brassica Juncea) mustard seed with verjuice (2/3).


Casa Pareja Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Casa Pareja Olive Oil

From the arid Mediterranean climate of Murcia, comes one of the finest organic Spanish extra virgin olive oils. Casa Pareja balances the distinctive fruit flavors of true Mediterranean cuisine, with a soft and mildly peppery finish. True organic Arbequina olives, grown from 400 year old trees, are the key ingredient in distinguishing Casa Pareja olive oil, and recognizing it's pure natural quality, its bright hue, and its floral and peppery flavors. This is the one we use on toast, instead of butter. It's better for you and tastes great!

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