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Giacomo's Italian Market - Greensboro, NC

A member of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture’s Goodness Grows in NC™ program, using only NC based products and locally raised pork, beef, and chicken

Traditional coarse-chopped salami's made by hand from the finest ingredients
Salami Classico
Giacomo’s famous, world-renowned soppressata, the Classico offers to the discerning palate a robust flavor derived from perfect, natural fermentation. Timing and the right balance of salt and pepper provide an impressive soppressata that could rival any in Sicily.
Salami Milano

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The King of Cheeses for over 900 years

Once you've tried the real thing, you'll never be satisfied with that powdery stuff that comes in a round green box. We sell only Parmigiano-Reggiano that we cut from a 10 kilo (22 lbs) quarter wheel.

The name "Parmigiano-Reggiano" is a Protected Designation of Origin...just like "Chianti Classico" or "Rioja Reserva" in wine or "Siurana" on olive oil.

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Pickled Shrimp


A great way to serve our region's freshly caught shrimp

Pair with a light-bodied red wine with some acidity, like a Pinot Noir or our Alaya Laya (Almansa, Spain) or serve a white wine with a bit of sweetness such as Vouvray or other Chenin Blanc wines

Based on a recipe from Anson Mills (
4 small bay leaves
1 teaspoon black peppercorns
1/2 teaspoon celery seed
2 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon fine sea salt
1 pound 16/20 shrimp (peeled & deveined)
5 Tbls Siurana extra-virgin Olive Oil (Spain) ♦
5 Tbls Champagne vinegar ♦
4 Tbls Fino Sherry ♦
3 Tbls fresh lemon juice
2 Tsp finely grated lemon zest

Be careful about honey


It's hard to keep up with the food safety issues that keep flooding in. Here's another one...this time about honey - Honey Laundering: tainted and counterfeit Chinese honey floods into the U.S.
This is another reason to buy locally sourced foods.  We carry local wildflower honey from Bil-Mar in Pantego, NC.  So support your good health while supporting our local hard-working bees and hard-working beekeepers. 

"Fix the Economy" Features

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All summer I’ve been talking about the miserable weather and the worse economy and about how everyone always talks about these things but no one ever does anything about them. Then with our “Wines that Can’t be Beat to Beat the Heat” we tried to help with the weather. Now, I’ll show you how Wine & Words helps with the economy by Featuring a selection of very good wines at nicely economical prices.

Meatless Mondays...or any other day

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Some years ago, in what certainly seems like another lifetime (I think they call it “youth”), I lived on an old farm in very rural West Virginia. My friends and I, mostly well-educated, middle class kids, were trying to find a life that we thought would be more substantial and meaningful than the suburban homogeneity in which we’d been (partly) raised. One of the things we cared very loudly, if sometimes not very deeply, about was food. We wanted to eat food we grew ourselves and processed ourselves. We were mostly vegetarian.

Sometimes it's Good to Have the Blues

Cabrales cheese, that is. Don’t be scared! Tangy, salty, pungent blue cheese is not everyone’s taste, I know. But in order to stimulate some blue sales (and turn you on to something mighty tasty), we’ve decided to Feature some of the blues we have in stock, offering samples, recipes, wine pairings...and a 20% discount from the regular sale price.

Mrs. Bridges Chutneys


Made in Scotland by traditional methods

From the Mrs. Bridges website:

As you’d expect from a deluxe brand with traditional values, the Mrs Bridges collection is crafted using classic methods.

Our authentic approach means that we use the time honoured, slow boiling, open-pan method of making marmalades and preserves. And we still use the traditional copper bottom pans.

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