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Autumn Treats - Hard Cider and Festbier

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The autumn of the year has its pleasures, even down here in coastal Carolina, where the summer seems to go on until Thanksgiving. During my childhood in northern Illinois and northern Ohio, autumn meant apples and apples meant cider.

"Embrace your inner pyrate"

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Clipper City Brewery in Baltimore, MD says, "Why be normal when you can be EXTRAARGHdinary?"  Since we've never claimed to be "normal" here at Wine & Words, we're pleased to introduce to brews from Clipper City's "Heavy Seas" portfolio.  These are bold and a little reckless, for the beer drinker who's not afraid of flavor.

Bell's Oberon Ale


Our Summertime Favorite

Bell's Brewery began as the Kalamazoo Brewing Company in 1983, where founder Larry Bell sold home brewing equipment. Of course, Larry also brewed great craft beer. He sold his first beer in 1985 and lays claim to being the oldest craft brewery east of Boulder Colorado.

Belhaven Brewery - Est. 1719

Belhaven Scottish

No, these fine brews aren't made here in downeast Carolina Belhaven. They're made in Dunbar, they have been since monks started the tradition in the 12th Century.

Most people start with Belhaven Scottish Ale, their flagship brew. It's a mid-weight, creamy ale that goes down real easy with food. We serve it in the classic British pint (.5 L) or the Yankee 12 oz. bottles.

We also usually have:

* Belhaven St. Andrews Ale - A tribute to the birthplace of golf, this ale is darker than the Scottish, with a malty sweetness that's sure to please.

Rogue Brewery, Newport, Oregon


Over time Rogue has developed principles to guide what it considers to be a revolution in fermentation. The principles start with six statements known as Rogue's "Fundamental Agreement."

* The way ahead is clear.
* Be honest about the battlefield.
* Throw out the old rules that don't make sense.
* Get out of the comfort zone.
* Go to the front of the fight and stay there.
* And most important, cut out all the B.S.

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, Farmville, NC

Duck-Rabbit Brewery

This is our "local-est" brewery, just an hour down the road in beautiful Farmville, NC. They specialize in dark beers and brew them up in small, seasonal batches. We never know what they're mixing up at any given time, but we usually have their flagship brews:

* Duck Rabbit Amber Ale
* Duck Rabbit Milk Stout

Sometimes they get creative and make a batch of their "Rabid Duck" Imperial Stout or some Barleywine Ale. Come by and try them in our Back Bay Cafe and take a six-pack home to your friends.

What's up with that logo?

Carib Lager

Carib lager

To all in Trinidad & Tobago, Carib is the best reason for beer.

When we introduced this refreshing summer beer, we didn't know whether to say "ku-REEB" or "CARE-ib." Then we had a customer who has born and raised in Trinidad, so I asked her. "Oh, mon; we say CARE-ib." That's good enough for me.

We always keep some of this beer chilled for those who've worked up a powerful thirst.

Wychwood Hobgoblin Ale

What's the matter Lager boy?

Traditionally Crafted Legendary Ruby Beer

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