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Trevor Mast's Four Daughters

We've carried Four Sisters Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for several years, and they've attracted a loyal following of customers who find them well-made and reliable at an affordable price.  In April 2009, we introduced the Four Sisters Merlot.  At that time I wrote, "Wow! It's just what you'd expect from an Australian Merlot.

Charles Smith Wines

Walla Walla Vineyard

If you go to the "Press+Trade" page of Charles Smith's website you're confronted with hip videos of Charles himself. I wasn't impressed - the Nirvana t-shirt, the "shades," the aging hippy long hair, the rock 'n roll allusions. As he takes you through his vineyards, everything is "hot" or "cool." It's a good thing I tasted his wines before I saw the marketing persona.

Some of our cold weather favorites

3 Glasses of Wine

One of the things I like about Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, my favorite indie bookstore, is that they have little cards describing "Staff Favorites." These mini reviews show that the staff love books and actually read the books that they sell in the store. Well, since I'm not ready yet to start introducing new wines of the year to our Wine & Words stores, I thought I'd do a "staff favorites" from our Washington and Belhaven points of view.

You gotta love it!


This weekend is the time we celebrate as St. Valentine's Day. In ancient Rome, 13, 14 and 15 February were celebrated as Lupercalia, a pagan fertility festival. There is no record of little candy hearts that say "Be mine." Instead, it is said that young men would strip naked and use goat- or dog-skin whips to spank the backsides of young women in order to improve their fertility.  Makes candy hearts seem pretty tame.

Wines (and an ale) for Sweeties

bracchetto poured.jpg

When it comes to this season of wines and chocolates, Wine & Words has got you covered.
Sant'Evasio Brachetto D'Acqui (Monferrato, Italy) Regular Price $18.60, Feature Price $14.88

Sparklers for the New Year

Sparkly 2

Nothing says "Happy New Year" like the sound of popping corks and snappy bubbles. Whether those sounds are the symphony of a crowd or the quiet sigh of a well eased cork for two, sparkling wines lend festivity and class to the occasion. And being festive and classy types here at Wine & Words, we're helping out by offering 15% off our wide selection of celebrative sparklers. Both stores will be open New Years Eve Day and we'll have some bottles chilled and ready.

Little James' Basket Press Grenache

Basket press

Chateau de Saint Cosme Little James’ Basket Press (Gigondas, France) Regular Price $15.50, Feature Price $12.40

Italian Sweeties for the Holidays

bracchetto poured.jpg

The holiday season is a great time for something sweet and festive. Of course, I'm not talking about fruit cake. I'm talking about wine - beautiful, lightly sweet, sparkling wine from Italy's Piemonte region.
Bosio Moscato D'Asti (Santo Stefano Belbo, Italy) Regular Price $12.15, Feature Price $9.72

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