Four for Four

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Often it's hit or miss when one of our wine distributors brings us wine to taste. The wines they bring could be end of stock items they want to unload (which I'm never interested in, unless they're offering a really good price). Or the wines they bring are what they happened to have with them on their way to another tasting or wine dinner. Distributor reps usually bring 6 or 8 wines. Sometimes I'll like 1 or 2; sometimes they just don't fit in any of our open slots for country of origin, style or price point. Often I politely decline all that's offered.

Let the Summertime Good Times Roll

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This week we're introducing a couple of primo wines for summer, as well as bringing back the Sangria Classico that quenched our thirsts so well last summer. And...we're cutting you in on an extraordinary deal in summer Chardonnay.

Wine & Words is 8!


Happy Birthday to...Us

On April 24, 2002 a new store was born in the resurrected shell of the old Windley/willis grocery store in Belhaven, NC. With the unusual name of "Wine & Words," the little store sold a small selection of wines not available anywhere else in the region, as well as coffees and teas, used books and the arts and crafts productions of a number of local artists.

That was eight years ago, and we now have a large selection of unique wines, cheeses from around the world, specialty foods and Cook's Helpers, as well as many shelves full of discount priced books and CD's.

This Month's Cheese Feature -- 3 milks, 3 countries, 3 cheeses

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This month we're featuring three classic cheeses from the milk of three different animals who graze in three different countries in Europe.

Grillin' and Chillin'

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Summertime has hit us with a vengeance. Down here in Eastern NC everybody's firing up lawnmowers and boat motors...and grills. Seems most people down here do their chillin' with ice cold beer or cold white wine and their grillin' with hearty California Cabs. Well, I've been suggesting a different strategy for some years now -- do your chillin' with cold rosé wine while you're out in the heat doing the grillin'. When the meat is nicely done is the time to serve up a hearty red that goes with the occasion. Herein, some wines of both styles. Welcome, summer!

New from Spain and South Africa

New from South Africa...
Joostenberg Chenin Blanc (Paarl, South Africa)
Paarl, the land of the glistening mountainSouth Africa wine regions mapSouth Africa wine regions map

From the Court of the King


King Estate is located southwest of Eugene, Oregon near the town of Lorane. The 1,033-acre certified organic estate (including 465 acres of organic vineyards, as well as 30 acres of fruits, vegetables, and flowers) provides a spectacular mountain vineyard site with elevations ranging from 800 to 1,100 feet and cool, prevailing northwest winds that moderate vineyard temperatures.

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