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We carry a selection of brand new "bargain" books at prices that are a fraction of the publisher's list price.  These books make great gifts...even to yourself.

Only a few of our books are posted here on the website, but they give you an idea of our eclectic range and incredible prices. The best way to see what we're offering is to come in and browse with us!

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Counter Culture Coffee


Counter Culture Coffee is here! (ssssip...ahhh!)

That's right, we've switched over to Counter Culture Coffee, selected and roasted in Durham, NC.

I'm reading a book about coffee and I'm finding there's a lot to learn. But it's fun. Just like learning about wine, there's geography and geology, botany and chemistry. And, just like wine, it all results in a tasty beverage with pleasant psychoactive qualities. We like Counter Culture because, as they say on their website, they're "Coffee Driven."
We also serve Counter Culture in our Back Bay Cafe.
See what featured coffees are available below.

Italian Review


Last week I said we were going to review our various wine regions for our Features in September. Some of you caught onto the fact that this “review” is also a bit of inventory clearance prior to our closing Back Bay Cafe and consolidating things in Washington. No matter. You still get some great buys on some great wines, so be sure to get them while they last.
Nino Franco “Rustico” Prosecco Superiore (Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy) - Regular Price $21.95/ Feature Price $18.66

Be careful about honey


It's hard to keep up with the food safety issues that keep flooding in. Here's another one...this time about honey - Honey Laundering: tainted and counterfeit Chinese honey floods into the U.S.
This is another reason to buy locally sourced foods.  We carry local wildflower honey from Bil-Mar in Pantego, NC.  So support your good health while supporting our local hard-working bees and hard-working beekeepers. 

South African Review

Stellenbosch winery

It’s time we revisited some of our wine regions, so during the month of September, I’ll pick a different country or area each week and Feature the wines of that region.

End of an Era

Yvonne and James, Proprietors

Below is the text of an email I sent to our customer list on 8/30/11:

"Fix the Economy" Features

economy gears.gif

All summer I’ve been talking about the miserable weather and the worse economy and about how everyone always talks about these things but no one ever does anything about them. Then with our “Wines that Can’t be Beat to Beat the Heat” we tried to help with the weather. Now, I’ll show you how Wine & Words helps with the economy by Featuring a selection of very good wines at nicely economical prices.

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