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Summer in Provence

Houchart Vineyard

We’ve still got a few of our Yvon Mau Bordeaux Features left, but before we get into July, when we’ll be Featuring American wines all month, I wanted to introduce a few wines from Domaine Houchart in Provence.

Two New Sisters; Two New Rocks


The description of this week’s Featured wines is simple and straightforward - 2 whites, 2 each from Four Sisters and Castle Rock. By now, most of you will be familiar with both the Four Sisters and Castle Rock lines of wine. Four Sisters is the project of winemaker Trevor Mast in the Grampian Mountains region of Central Victoria, Australia; and Castle Rock is the “virtual” winery that bottles the excess production of premium wineries in California and the Pacific Northwest, keeping us from having to pay the price for label cachet.

It’s Summertime, Summertime, Sum-sum-summer...Time to Drink some Wine


Memorial Day Weekend traditionally marks the beginning of summer.  At Wine & Words, we mark it as the beginning of summertime wine drinking.  Thus, we are Featuring four fine wines for those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Some Springtime Holiday Treats

California Spring vineyards

Springtime is for new beginnings and celebrations.  We have religious celebrations like Easter and Passover, family get-togethers for weddings and Mother's Day, and new taste treats with spring veggies and fresh herbs.  There's always room for great wines.

Meatless Mondays...or any other day

green power.jpeg

Some years ago, in what certainly seems like another lifetime (I think they call it “youth”), I lived on an old farm in very rural West Virginia. My friends and I, mostly well-educated, middle class kids, were trying to find a life that we thought would be more substantial and meaningful than the suburban homogeneity in which we’d been (partly) raised. One of the things we cared very loudly, if sometimes not very deeply, about was food. We wanted to eat food we grew ourselves and processed ourselves. We were mostly vegetarian.

New from South of the Equator

mendoza vineyards with andes.jpg

For a long time it seemed American wine drinkers were interested in only two grapes: Chardonnay for whites and Cabernet (Sauvignon) for reds. I think that’s because there were thousands of gallons of uninteresting stuff coming out of California, and domestic wine drinkers and the restaurants that served them didn’t really care. Even in the short time (coming up on 9 years) I’ve been in this business of wine, I’ve watched that American taste branch out.

Something Old; Something New

castello di argiano.jpg

 I usually use this space to Feature wines that are new to us, and we’ve got some of those here. But I’m also pleased to be re-stocking some wines from Turner Wine Imports that we have been out of or in short supply for some time. Restocking is a good time for reaquaintance. I call this “Something Old...” though these tasty reds are not really “old” - they’re “aged to perfection” (like so many of us).

What's the Deal with Coffee Prices?

Counter Culture Coffee logo

Coffee is much in the news these days. Or, should I say, the business of coffee is much in the business news these days. Last week's Sunday NY Times Business Section featured an article on Starbucks' founder and CEO and how he is bringing the company back to its core produce - coffee. Not fancy, pumped-up fruit-flavored drinks, but coffee, a bean grown on bushes under shade trees in tropical climates.

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