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And Then We Were Five

Sometimes I wondered how this happened. I mean, Yvonne and I moved down here in January of 2001 to live the retirement life. I had sold a business in Raleigh and was looking forward to life on the water - building small boats, working in the garden, sharing our little piece of paradise with our friends. We figured we had it made. Then 9/11 happened. Everyone's world changed. Our comfortable retirement nest egg started to shrink. We thought and talked a lot about what to do next.

Best Buys in the Neighborhood

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 When I first started in the wine business (almost 8 years ago) I decided that we were going to carry a comprehensive selection of wines from all around the world, that aren’t available in local grocery stores, and that are good quality for the price at which we sell them. Of course, I read all the reviews and points ratings and “professional” recommendations, but I often found them confusing, heavily weighted toward big advertising spenders (e.g. Wine Spectator) or the style of the taster (e.g.

More Beautiful Wines for Lovely Feasts

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More wines that go with this season of good food and good friends.
No. 1 Family Estate Cuvee Number Eight (Marlborough, New Zealand) Regular price $29.99, Feature price $24.00

Beautiful Wines for Lovely Feasts


We are rapidly approaching the holiday season of feasts and festivals, so we herewith introduce some great wines to go with great meals.
Don Pedro Soutomaior Albariño 2008 (Rias Baixas, Spain) Regular Price $19.95, Feature Price $15.96

The Cow that Jumped Over the Vineyard

Frank and Lenna Hobson of Rag Apple Lassie Vineyards

When people come into our store and see the poster of a stylish black and white cow sitting in a crescent moon and sipping a glass of wine, I love to tell the Rag Apple Lassie story. How when Frank Hobson Jr. was just a little farmer boy, the Holstein calf he raised lovingly won Grand Champion at the North Carolina State Fair. How Frank Jr. was an “early adopter” of the new movement in his native Yadkin Valley – replacing tobacco growing with raising wine grapes. Frank Jr.

Summer Into Fall

Stellenbosch winery

We're into that long, satisfying season in downeast Carolina when cold fronts from the northwest try to push into our mass of humidity and mosquitoes.  Some mornings I open the back porch door at dawn and smile at a delicious dry chill in the air.  Other mornings I'm hit in the face with mugginess and the sound of cicadas cranking up the heat of the day.  It's the time when we start thinking about getting in some dry kindling for that first night we want a fire in the stove.  And we start thinking about wines that will go with the cooler weather and heartier foods of the

Autumn Treats - Hard Cider and Festbier

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The autumn of the year has its pleasures, even down here in coastal Carolina, where the summer seems to go on until Thanksgiving. During my childhood in northern Illinois and northern Ohio, autumn meant apples and apples meant cider.

A Sheaf of Special Purchases

From time to time our suppliers have inventory clearance sales.  When they do, we pass the savings along to our customers.  Herein a list of five new wines that I've gotten in to both stores and am offering at "Special Purchase Prices."  These are great additions to our list...and great deals for our customers.

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