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Tricks & Treats

Hobgoblin Ale Halloween 08

Trick or treat? You know I always prefer a treat. And you also know we've got plenty of treats at our Wine & Words stores, especially on this beautiful Halloween day. In the liquid department we've got Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Wychwood's Hobgoblin Ale (the Hobgoblin says, "What's the matter, Lager Boy? Afraid you might taste something?") and the much less scary J.K. Scrumpy's Hard Cider. Or treat yourself to one of our addictive Berkshire Bark chocolates (we've gotten customer complaints that we shouldn't be allowed to sell something so good).

Chef Yvonne's Cassoulet

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Just the ticket on a chilly rainy evening.

With a glass of French red wine. Bring your friends and escape the too-much-news blues. Call us for a reservation and we'll have your table ready - 252-944-2870. Or just reply to this e-mail. I'd be glad to take your information electronically.


Cutback Cuisine

We recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about what they call “cutback cuisine”. It’s how the big, fancy restaurants in New York City are making changes in ingredients, portions and menu items to deal with the spiraling cost of foodstuffs.

High oil prices and a world-wide thirst for ethanol have triggered a run-up in corn, feed and transportation costs that is driving up food prices. Restaurant owners last year saw wholesale price increases of 7.4%, the biggest jump in nearly three decades.


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